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We have been in the business of security video system sales, installations, and support since 2003. Over the years, we have built a unique strength which is a perfect combination of extensive knowledge and experience of all relevant areas of physical security, corporate information technology, structural cabling, software and database programming, etc. We flawlessly work on all the aspects of video security system including planning, installation, integration, and services.

We proudly service Canadian government, police, hospitals, schools, and numerous local businesses:
  1. London Police Reporting Center

  2. Canadian Food Inspection Agency

  3. Four Counties Health Services

  4. North American Trade School

  5. etc.

HD Cameras for Security @ Western Fair
Mon, 14 Nov 2016

In addition to the two camera projects we finished for the ice rinks at Wester Fair in this Feburary and May respectively, we recently delivered a 22-camera system and a 24-camera system to enhance the security coverage at Western Fair.