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Returning your In-Warranty LOTUSPC product for Warranty replacement:

  1. A Return Material Authorization (RMA) number is required for every return shipment to LOTUSPC. Please use the online Support Ticket system to apply for the RMA number.

  2. Your Return Material Authorization number must be visible on 3 sides of the box in bold letters. The applied Return Material Authorization number on the shipment must match the correct amount of units, model type and serial numbers. Without a matching RMA number, any product sent in for service will be returned to you at YOUR COST and may be scrapped without further notice.

  3. Please print the RMA# and detailed problem description and pack together with the product with proper packaging material.

  4. Double-check and remove any third party items or unnecessary accessories. We cannot return these items to you.


    A. Product was damaged or parcel package was damaged during transport
    B. Product damaged, modified, scratched, or opened
    C. Product has one or more LOTUSPC labels removed or torn

  6. If upon arrival your products are discovered not covered by warranty, the shipment will be returned to you at YOUR COST and may be scrapped without further notice.

  7. Any item discovered to be stolen will not have the warranty honored, will not be returned to user and no credit or replacement will be processed or issued.

  8. Return Material Authorization numbers are valid for 30 days from the date they are issued.

  9. Use a traceable carrier. Use a traceable carrier for transport or a signed for service (i.e., Airborne, Fed Ex, UPS, U.S. Priority Mail, etc.) with the post office (European/Canadian customers only) as they provide you with a tracking number and proof of delivery.

  10. The cost of sending a product to LOTUSPC service center for warranty service is paid by the customer. LOTUSPC pays for the return shipment from the service center to customer. LOTUSPC will refuse any collect payment shipment.

  11. International Customers: As a convenience to you, the invoice (Pro Forma Invoice) or packing list provided may be used for Customs purposes. Customer pays any duties/taxes incurred at Customs. Please contact your Customs and Excise Authorities regarding any excess Import/Export charges that your country may apply. LOTUSPC will not pay for these extra charges.

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